Thursday, 8 December 2016

This is a Tale of Unrequited Love

This is a tale of unrequited love
(cue music - 8bars intro then
spoken over music)
I’d like
to tell you all a story
But I can’t.
 This tale that I cannot tell 
is dedicated to some one very special who’s here tonight 
you know who you are,
If it’s not you, 
I’d like you to pretend that it is,
So you may generate that maybe cosy, maybe queasy feeling
 that this tale I cannot tell is for you and you alone.
And to make this even more fascinating 
I’d like you all, not only to pretend that it is you 
who are the very special person this tale that I cannot tell is dedicated to, 
but also I’d like you to know
that I have feelings for you.
Big feelings

I’ve told my friends 
They’ve talked to your friends 
This has been going on for far too too long
I’ve never found the right time to tell you
I’ve been too shy.
But I can be such a fool
Maybe it’s screamingly obvious to you 
And the whole wide world.

You must think me dumb, an emotional retard
You don’t know that I’m incredibly open with my feelings, 
with everyone, everyone but you,
you, who make me feel the way I do.
I’m talking to you 
.And you alone
And you. 
Maybe you know
Yes you do
You do
Why my lips are sealed,
Maybe you  who could break the seal
know why you never will,

 let me live the tale I cannot tell

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