Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Just watched a clip from Stormy Weather with Nicholas brothers dancing to Cab Calloway. ‘Unrehearsed’ some one said. I doubt it! It’s Amazing performance and dance but the danger of their jumps, their stagecraft, the ir sycnhcronicityity of the rythmic interplay with Calloway's orchestra had to be worked out other wise they would have hurt themselves and probably many of the band.. In a way to say it’s all improvised belittles their skills,choreographic nous and trust in each other I’m sure they worked quickly and uncannily empathetically but to claim it’s improvised diminishes their magic. Any way where does the band disappear to and the stage suddenly appear  halfway through the clip? That would have taken time and thought to prepare. It’s bit of a compliment if something is so well put together that it can appear improvised but inaccurate 

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Head gardeners become grumpy

All head gardeners become grumpy misanthropic and want to fence off all their garden. Just bumped into Ian(?) the guy who was made head gardener of inner circle, Regent’s Park at the immaculate garden that is fenced off. ‘ Why is it fenced off?’ I ask,

‘I’m getting grumpy’ he said, ‘some 6 or 7 yearoldkids ran all over here at the weekend, their parents probably sat and watched and didn’t say anything. I’m being a grumpy gardener’ he said.

So long as he can see the grumpy bit, that’s not all he’ll be