Friday, 27 October 2017

Autumn Angels

So amidst dealing krappily with the krapp that I bin delt

 I take a walk and some pictures-

its nice out there,

and its good to remember that the nether world is full of hidden angels

 and it’s ower job apparently to make them appere in our world as we live. 

Rilke said that. 

But the shy etheral buggers generally don't.

Maybe we are blind

Meanwhile sun smiles on autumn

Friday, 13 October 2017

Near and far

Jedburgh. So it’s 3 am it’s dark I can hear the wind outside and I am alone in my parents house with a load of books.
 Feeling fragile and alone? Well not really ; I cannot feel alone and fragile because I feel connected to people precious  to me across the world who with strength and optimism are dealing with the effects of natural catastrophes: Pilar and Pedro in Puerto Rico Stephen in California with a houseful of refugees from the fire there and on the train up here from London I was talking with 2 young women from Houston Texas who seemed on one level very naive white Texan but were both nurses who had been working in hospitals in the city dealing with people impacted by Hurricane Irma. 
So who am I to feel sad for my plight? I have known this situation has been coming, and can  feel hard done by because  of my  ataxia, my teeth, my economic situation, not having seen my daughter, my parents my aloneness but really, count my blessings, when this world is suffering. Fires, hurricanes, plastic in the food chain ...I know we can only deal with our own situation but

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Why are we arty personnnes?

Ficktiones dreames and imaginings enable recoverie from warres, disasteres and shocke.

If we cannot imagine a betta future, how else is it gonna happen? 

The imagining, the dreaming gives energie and  focus to actiones 


 the number of times

 I go to contact on phone or computer 

a specific person about a specific thing 

and look for their address or a specific thing to communicate 

because I want to and  then I get  distracted by something else

into something else and a 'you can, you can' mentality- 

wasteful disillusioning and mind numbing

and then time has gone

and I forget what I was trying to do