Thursday, 29 December 2016

THE RIVER. From mountain to sea by violin

For someone starting to play the violin


A Piece about  a  journey along a river from mountain to sea for open strings and bowing on the violin

1 E string  
The bubbly tinkly stream high in the mountains 
quick jerky bright rhythmic bowing

2 A string
The sharp mountains become rounded hills
rhythmic bowing but a bit slower, a bit smoother

3 D string 
The hills become softer, mostly smooth but  the water flows round some big rocks
longer, smoother bow strokes

4 G string 
Slow River on flat plain, smoothly meanders to the Sea
Long, slow, smooth calm bowing
The piece finishes on a very long smooth quiet bowed G

1. When the musician learns some  violin notes with the left hand, they can add other notes on the scales of E minor (eg E-F#-G), A minor(eg A-B-C), D major (eg D-E-F#and G  major (eg G-A-E).

2.The pupil is always  a ‘musician/performer’ who has chosen the violin as their instrument, not a pupil, student. Confidence to play for others and ownership of their craft is always encouraged.

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