Saturday, 29 April 2017


The word 'delusion' is interesting. It is often used to describe anyone who disagrees with you. 'You are totally delusional'. This debate has been completely hijacked by US politics by  Don and his cronies as if he is a post modern hero. All nations are delusional- they see the world from where they stand and feel that is their God given right and objective truth.
In Salvador in  Brazil, they often put plates of food at crossroads to appease the gods, they believe. To say it is all unscientific is undoubtedly true but to say the act of preparing and placing it  there happens is also true, it is observable scientific fact. The belief that most people there have in the power of religion and spirits affects the behaviour of the society there, from the architecture of its buildings to when people have the cigarette breaks, it affects people's habitual behaviour. So it has power, not because of magic, but because it shapes the place and its life. To be there one has to accept the reality the delusion creates. It only takes many to believe in it for it to have real effects.
It is not necessary to believe in a delusion  to see the reality of its effects.
 I use Salvador as an example, but it could be any community shaped by its dogma - from a supposedly upright churchgoing community in rural England to Riyadh.

Monday, 24 April 2017

So what? join the club

Some 20thC  art went up its own bum when, in its genuine search for the authentic, it lost sight of its audience, observer, hearer and became increasingly addressed to people who were knowledgeable, had the money time and patience to go with the artist wherever he/she chose to go. 
The work became often more rarefied and required more and more effort to reach and (for whatever reason, good or bad) it seems that audiences now don't have the time or the interest to indulge artists who dont try to meet them.
Artists (whether performers writers, musicians) would often get obsessed with some aspect of their craft and that became their work and they assumed that everyone was interested, but just as you don't have to know how every bit of a car functions to enjoy a car ride, so maybe nuts and bolts of an artist's craft is less interesting than what they make.
And ultimately it what you make that enables you to thrive.
But often now it a question of how survive as a performer, writer, musician, whatever. You have to attract attention, and the easiest way to do that is to parade technique or spend lots on self promotion. Commercial success is often a case of pandering schmoozing and marketing, and everyone else says 'So what? join the club'

Friday, 21 April 2017

Dream and Dwom

'I observe 2 states, both blissful, 
but one avoids truth, the other lives it,
One is delusional, a lie, the other is true: lets name them - Dream and Dwom. 

In dwom, there is no vision of the future, 
In dwom distraction from your present chaos enables you to say 'I'm fine' and you forget the chaos all around you. 
In dwom, you let someone else hypnotize you,you are in their dream 
Dwom is vacant
Dream is focussed
In dream you hold a vision of the future - your future and  your dream steers your way out of your present  chaos, 
Your dream is your own
Dream enables you to do the undone with desire 
without getting daunted, without give up.

Dwom is lying to your self
in dream there is no lie'

'Hmm' said Lucy

Sunday, 16 April 2017

What is this 'We'?

What is this 'WE''?
They all agree
Who are 'they'?
Piss artists?

If  mice do it in experiments it then it proves everyone does it always, everywhere. 
if one person sayit in one therapy session it proves we all think it really, doesn't it?
'We'? So that's...
All men?
All women?
All Europeans?
All Asians
Everyone under 30?
Normal people?
Everyone here?
Everyone everywhere?
I don't know, I'm no scientist, but it seems more scientific than woo woo to say most of this use of 'we' is bogus . Its a well used marketing tool of the popscience press. 
A way of 'proving' objectivity.
Isn't it ?
(we all agree)
Don't we?
Well it gets my goat
(OUR goat..n-n-no?)
maybe its like the rotal 'we' asin 'we disapprove' or 'we don't do we?"

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Getting better

So you keep doing something wrong
you know it's a fault but you don't know why it's happening
so you hang on in there, keep going but watch yourself closely
and it keeps happening and you watch and everyone thinks you should give up
but you hang on in there
and eventually, after you've nearly given up and most people think you're crazy
 you see what's happening
say 'ah so thats it, how obvious'
and it gets better