Saturday, 18 August 2018

Get a Dog

I recently rediscovered this that I wrote a couple of years ago while in Scotland at parental home wondering what I was doing there. A friend had just advised if you are on your own get a dog. This mixes thoughts but seemed right about change, transformation and this time:

‘Get a dog'
Then you'll understand the cycle of death and renewal;
A dog's life is short-
several dogs lives fit into a human life
 so you get to accept the ageing of the loved dog, waning energies and dying 
And how the new pup has some the old dog's traits
 but with younger eager vigour

Ma was always anti dog;
She had no concept of the longer life cycle.
She wanted to capture life in the things she collected,
But now the just the shells remain;
The books are still on the shelves,
but the age of the book has passed as all things must
The energy has gone out of this household 
It is a mausoleum to a past family

It's ok ma,
We carry our poetry within us
It's not been captured and translated into visible things;
Money or books on shelves,
But  though we thank you ma for birthing nurturing and nudging the bud 
be warned you don't know
you may be surprised 

by the form in which it grows