Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Glob in Your Throb

(To be spoken aloud, confidently  and unstoppingly in an American accent)

How can you be real unless you genuinely Believe Your Own Bullshit? (BYOB)
BYOB gives you self-confidence, and when those around you begin to believe your bullshit too, it builds their self confidence 
Confidence gives you energy, 
And energy makes you tick.
Oh but you say, ‘this is all bullshit!’
Well ‘yes,’ I say, you’re right,‘it is the most Incredible bullshit! Enjoy!
 GBH your BS then you can have  Faith in Bullshit (FIB)

But if you believe that everything you say is bullshit then you are saying that nothing is real and isn’t that depressing?
No the opposite, because once you see that it is not just you, but that everyone speaks bullshit all the time, then you are empowered to Get BeHind (GBH) your own bullshit and truly express yourself. BYOB will spur you into dynamic action.

But, I hear you say; doesn’t BYOB encourage selfishness?
No no no  that’s so wrong  - accept your own bullshit (YOB) and others bullshit 
BYOB is about having humility
 to admit  that you may want to join the club  in HBF (holy bullshit forever.)

 Say no to DoB (Denial of Bullshit): its arrogant and humourless
The whole world runs on bullshit,
Why not admit it.
Its no bad thing.
(Its lead free)
Even in a conflict,  its not bullshit that’s the problem, its DoB that’s the problem
If both factions in a conflict deny their own bullshit the result is aggression,
If both sides sat down and agreed that they both believe their own bullshit, they would be able to concoct some kind of co-bullshit to co-exist by.
CRTC  (Conflict Resolution Through Cobullshit) or ... ceasefire

 So GBH your BS then you can FIB  and reveal the GLOB at the heart of your THROB
 Yes there are layers of bullshit-
There’s superficial bullshit and deep bullshit
Just accept there is no one answer for everyone
You peel off the superficial layers of bullshit to reveal the Glory of Bullshit  (GloB) at The HeaRt of Being (THRoB).

Lets all Reveal the GLOB in THROB!

BYOB - Believe Your Own Bullshit
GLOB – Glory of Bullshit 
BiF - Bullshit is Fantastic
GBH -  Get BeHind your own Bullshit
FiB - Faith in Bullshit 
DOB – Denial of Bullshit
CRC - Conflict Resolution through Cobullshit
THROB- The Heart of Being

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