Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Far too many people giving far too much advice

There are far too many people out there
giving far too much advice.
Don’t believe a word
stay indoors
and lock your windows.
Trust no-one
be brave
Know your limits
then forget them
think the impossible
do it
and forwards with ease
Watch what you’re saying
and do what you say
smell what you watch
and watch how you smell
Recognize that the other person is you
You are the child you’ve always wanted
We may not be who we think we are
but nevertheless, so be it
We B what we R
U R what U B
I R not them
They am not I
only you can think your thoughts
its up to you
its down to me
Your short is my tall
I think
You think
We think
They don’t.
There comes a time
when the talking
has got to stop.
Wait no longer

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