Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Something survives from before

Just as things constantly change and  nothing is final, 

and there is always something pretend about revolutionary change, 

change that denies the past

there is always something left, something that survives of before

of previous culture, 

of previous way of being, 

whether a thing, 

A scrap of paper,

A belief,

A habit,

the wave of a hand

A breath

Sunday, 3 September 2017

2 Rats

Practising balance and stillness in the park- I was approached by 2 big  inquisitive rats this morning- 

This park has loads of vermin lurking. If your noisy they stay hidden and you'd never know. 

But balancing on one leg, the  stiller I am, the more nervousness rustling, rattling and rats I sense.

I am discovering the benefits of stillness and quiet - it is NOT being passive; it is actively listening. 

If you are making less noise then the world around you, 

comes out to play ...

Thankyou oh yukky rat

but stay away 

from me