Thursday, 8 December 2016

Far too much advice 2

You’re only as clean as your teeth

WHERE WAS I ?     
What was it I was distracted from. 
Each distraction is from something good. what from?
 I could get morbid but...
I bless the fact of staying in there, 
I bless the fact that good things will continue to bubble forth, 
I acknowledge that I cannot catch everything, and let go of that which is already gone. 
 I just drifted off-
what did I drift off from? 
 where was I?

 In any situation you may find yourself in, 
there will always be things going on that you are not, will not and cannot be aware of,
that you cannot control
Hold this awareness in your mind,
Watch it, don’t let it cause any fear or anxiety, 
Let it  be your friend and guide, 
If you fight it or try to control it, it will turn against you.

But but but...
Why does my anxiety 
stop the doing of what needs to be done?
It’s so ingrained in me to not to act ,
that the anxiety caused by not doing
 appears at the same moment as the impulse
And I flail around in  panic,

Will against the world is useless.
For I am part of the world I’ am trying to fight to be separate from

There are many  reasons for saying No,
but only one for saying Yes.

2. No matter how much you discover about yourself
no matter how much you try to be a better person,  
no matter how  many demons you get rid off, 
there will always  be part  of you that is  a  total mystery, 
that hides itself from your greedy soul 
you will never completely know yourself

3. go now,
 leave this quiet place 
Take your mystery and  meet other mysteries 
 go far away, 
 there are a thousand roads,
Why build your own? 
In the time it takes to build one road you can travel the  world. 
don't get distracted 
but if you are a road builder build your own 
for that is your destiny

Control is  an illusion.
And a potent fantasy
enjoy the fantasy

Now go ...


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