Sunday, 11 December 2016

One Hour Impro

Enter and leave  three times.  Each entrance should be from a different direction  and with a different attitude/dynamic.
You can enter and leave at any time but  you must have at least one dialogue /duet /conversation while you are on. 
You can use your voice, but not words
Minimum of three people on stage at all times.
\when you exit, you become part of the audience- give the action all your attention ( it helps the performers). 
I may call ‘Freeze’ at any time, and when I say go start again with a very different energy to the one you were using

Your starting point is always- listen and respond, use what you and others are already doing, 
Accept all actions of other performers and build on them
No holding, pushing or pulling, physical coercion
Play the game not the material. 

You are never neutral 
You are always doing something
become aware of what you are already doing

If you feel the improvisation is getting stuck- change direction. do the opposite, offer more.
energised body, but a cool head,

Keep an overview of the whole improvisation,-how it started whats happened, but stay  in the present 

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