Saturday, 7 January 2017

Grasping restricts play, copyrighting things you don't own, wall building

Years ago, when learning dance improvisation with a partner you were taught not to hold, not to grip- because it was fear driven - fear of falling, fear of momentum, fear of communication and gripping expressed nervousness, desire to control, to own; whenever there was  flow, gripping stopped it. We were taught to follow the point of contact, to not hold on, to stay relaxed, to let go of thought of where to go next and be flexible to what is happening. 

I hear stories of people wanting to  copyright things, unownable things like kinds of movement therapy, ways of making music or traditions of training from Tai'Chi to voice work and see how the trying to own processes and traditions they have no right to own, prevents flow and prevents creativity. You can't own a rhythm or the harmonic series. This  seems to inflate the copyright owner into becoming the 'discoverer' untouchable expert of what they pretend to own. Of course if you have made something up, written something invented something,  its yours and hopefully it will provide you with royalties that enable you to live, I am only against assuming ownership of what's not yours to own- whether it be the rhythms, movements, the harmonic series or seeds.
This world assumes that you need a suspicious possessive mind to survive in a  world out to exploit you,  and you have to protect yourself  or the world will not acknowledge your inventiveness, your wits, your nous.
But maybe having a possessive grasping spirit  inhibits play, discovery and invention?
A suspicious untrusting copyrighting mind which seems the same as the tense gripping controlling body which stops movement and play, the tense gripping controlling body wants to stop movement and build walls

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