Thursday, 12 January 2017

I have never understood

Jan 12
Ah probably blindingly obvious to most people, but never having put down roots, I have never  truly understood what a capitalist is - someone who accrues capital and possessions, (whatever their outward politics) - a home  a car etc but  doesn't often touch it, meanwhile usually compound interest works away in the background replenishing reserves. It's probably extremely naive of me.  I have never 'owned' a property or a car yet have travelled and worked in 30 countries, stayed in hotels more than most but now feel like a beggar
That bit of advice -  'living off capital- never do it' - I have never understood it because I have never had capital to live off- at least I've never felt that way - it's always been a question of how I stay in food for next week, how I do not get too far into rent arrears and sometimes I have been  able to relax for a couple of months. For people who have capital it is so 'obvious' that that is the way to go
Iif you don't  accrue then you are non-person, you don't grow- its as if you don't count -what are you? You have nothing therefore you are nothing. How strange

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