Monday, 16 January 2017


 Jan 16th
'You dream about what's worrying you'.  Often dreams in their bizarre, imagistic and surreal way can give a different perspective of a waking situation. Well last night I had a dream that wasn't surreal or bizarre, nothing happened in it that might not happen in real waking life.  A very believable down to earth dream. It was definitely related to what is worrying me- I need paid work badly now, I don't know why, but income, for whatever reason, ain't flowing.
I dreamt of being asked by a leading director (a real person, I won't name them- it was a dream) invited me for some exploratory work with some others but when I asked about being paid for my time I was told I wouldn't be paid. It acted as a trigger and I got furious. I remember feeling flattered that I was asked; the offer the interest in me and my work was genuine and heartfelt, I felt I had something to offer and that was recognised and wanted, but  the assumption was made that I would do this for nothing. Was I  supposed to be grateful? Why do some people think they can get away with it? I know this was only a dream but its a script  that too often happens in real life.

But when I told this dream to a friend she said " that's not a dream! it proves the continuum hypothesis.
Well dream or not I don't like the assumption that your ideas  and energy should be given for free.and for better or worse, I take that anxiety to bed with me

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