Thursday, 26 January 2017

Trigger Ramble

My mother, who in addition to being a mum to 5 children and starting an antiquarian book business with my dad, wrote many poems, some were published, before she devoted all her time to family and business. She continued to write poems and sometimes self published. One of her slim anthologies which she printed a few years ago was called 'Triggerpoints'. And I wondered why. Had she noticed things that triggered anger in her hubby or in others? From what I remember on reading it through some years ago there didn't seem to be obvious clues in the poems within. How aware was she of how much 'trigger' is used in the modern sense, where trigger points - buttons you press that unbalance someone - are seen as points of psychological weakness that 'trigger' predictable unbalanced behaviour eg the much seen clip scientologists exploiting the anger they triggered in the BBC reporter investigating them.
Maybe 'trigger points', particular to each person, are our personality- get rid of them and become a supposedly 'perfect human being' ... but maybe becoming a bland rational machine is the thing to be aimed for. (Therapists aim to eliminate trigger points. Maybe they are in secret league with computer designers). In the future all people will aspire to become computers- in a world where computers are as intelligent and more so than humans maybe some humans will be able to pass as computers. Computers will construct some kind of test for humans - the reverse of the Turing test. Look! The first human computer! No, nothing wrong with them no quirks! Completely normal! No personality!

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