Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Man who Worked Out Too Much

He, musclebound tattooed and fifty-five plus had a gallon plastic bottle with a green liquid inside,
some kind of vitamin supplement which he took out of his bag and knocked back a hefty swig before putting backin his bag. 
On the table in front of him was an expresso coffee. It seemed more for show as if this is what to do in a cafe.
 On his head he wore reading glasses tipped back on his balding head.
This man was trying vainly to hide his age,
His muscly tattooed torso and legs had spent much time in gym
the reading glasses and baldness next to the musclebound tattooedness lacked grace  
And they revealed him to be about 60
Ttry what he may, he won't keep ageing at bay.
His manner spoke of denial, 
some would applaud him for trying to stay young
 but his denial of reality looked tacky 
and his optimism looked just deluded,
I don't think I'm being over harsh,
To be fit and active for your age has to be a good thing, 
but imagining you're young?

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