Saturday, 17 June 2017

Jumpy, nervy or reflex excitability?

I am so jumpy.
 I was walking along a narrow pavement earlier and I heard wheels of small suitcase behind me- someone walking fast  
I must have half turned or changed my step or tensed,
anyway, something signalled my nervousness because as he (obviously in a hurry, rushing to catch a train) passed me on the narrow pavement he said "no worries its ok '. 
I had no idea I was that obviously shaky. He read my nervousness from behind. 
That instant readability of inner to outer state, from emotion. to muscle to action, the physical expression is so desirable
but often unattainable on stage. Actors long for it. Meyerhold called it 'reflex excitability'. It makes a performer magnetic. Michael Chekhov wrote a book about it
But in real life its fools gold, Its perturbing, embarrasing, 

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