Sunday, 4 June 2017


June 4
Last night just as I turning off computer and was going to bed, news began to filter through of the terrorist attack on London Bridge. Different and more shocking than Westminster Bridge attack; that was more aimed at tourists and symbollically near parliament: London Bridge  is aimed more at the life and beating heart of the city - it's timing- 10.30 on Saturday eve and the place- London Bridge and borough market packed with people packed with good food, small trendy businesses, near the city- although maybe not great to ascribe too much strategy to the terrorists - maybe it was random-(maybe they had the opportunity and went for it) it seem systematic and strategic. I haven't walked over Westminster bridge for years but walked through Borough Market a couple of weeks ago so maybe the shock I feel is my own but it is a shock many will feel and the uncertainty of trusting the city to host your social time, whether strategic or spontaneous is its effect.

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