Sunday, 12 March 2017

Memory disputed

Memories are slippery combination of fact and fiction - they never seem  completely accurate; sometimes when I remember something, even if the memory is vivid clear as a bell and  I am mostly (say80%)right, it might get disputed as if the whole memory is totally wrong. There always is at least a germ of truth that triggers the memory, but it is hard to know if the memory is
a) purely of the event, or
b) of the event plus your thought or take on it at the time.
The veracity of the event- that it happened (how do you prove the facts? Was it documented? ) cannot be disputed but your take on the event (however clear or 'true' you feel the memory is) might be. But what if its not disputed? then maybe all the different takes, the different versions of the memory  if accepted, add up to  a multi faceted rich gem of a memory of an event or the response true, false, embellished or whatever, of its witnesses.

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