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Meanwhile some unrealised old ideas need reviving in the age of Trump, like this- a video blog?-


Grit Curtis has pearls to share with you.

Grit Curtis is many things - radio dj., financial advisor, singer, stage hypnotist, lover, truck driver, friend of the late great Barry White, philosopher and author, pet bereavement therapist and  author of such books as "Coping with Pet Loss” , ‘Let’s Pretend We are on Prozac’ and ‘Is a Bonsai Tree  disabled?’ and many, many other things besides.
He makes many  personal appearances, mini films, TV and radio broadcasts, and on social media.
Grit’s wisdom is questionable, but his drive to spread it … isn’t.  Grit claims he doesn't want to be president but someone else has got the job.  
Grit is likeably repulsive, knowingly na├»ve.  His sincerity is evident, but unproved. His taste in clothes is questionable.  He is narcissistic schizophrenic. He thinks he is a  chameleon he thinks he can be anything he wants to be, but everyone knows his unmistakeable face

We want to make a series of  short videos from 15secs to two minutes in length entitled ‘PEARLS OF GRIT’.
Each video, each pearl will be built around slogans and statements and brief anecdotes of meetings with wise celebrities (Talking philosophy and gardening with Barry White) from the meaningless (‘you are only as clean as your teeth’, to the seemingly sound (‘buying a new shirt won’t get rid of the dandruff.’). the videos will be shot and edited on mini-DV.
Grit Curtis is written and performed by Jonathan Stone and shot and directed by Martin Jones.
Grit say things like 'their are far too many people out ther giving far too much advice'

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