Friday, 14 December 2018

quiet heart and calm head

However I am feeling, wherever it moves me, it doesn’t change the logic of a potential action. If it’s a good idea rationally, it’s a good idea  whether I’m depressed or high. But
 the fact remains that up til now, I have let feelings dominate my motivation- if I am not feeling it, even if its a sound idea, I won't do it. Is that a bad thing? Dunno. It’s easy to dismiss it superficially as head against heart, and head loses (despite it’s constant  activity and the way that chattering thought dominates my moment to moment consciousness). Despite head’s egotistical denial that heart is its ruler. But maybe I mistake heart (deep, long term) for feeling( passing superficial), and passing thoughts (chattering constant restless) for rational considered strategic  planning. But heart tends to guide head and however much head tries to deny it. ( is this why so many somatic and spiritual paths are so anti-head, deeming it the seat of ego and intellectual chatter). Head is a tool wielded by heart. Look at how protective people are of their home or family.
When quiet heart and calm head act together the action they make is powerful, immovable

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