Sunday, 17 December 2017

The practioners of the past become the philosophers of the present

Listening to a podcast about the history of post modern dance the speaker, once a dancer and player in the final decades of the last century loses his audience because they cannot understand the language he uses, and he can’t understand the world has moved on and people are not interested, the language has changed. The interviewer struggles to be between The speaker and his audience in order to translate what he has to say, to make it relevant to modern ears. But what was resonant about the Dance work we did at Dartington, and felt crucial, was in the doing of it then, not the talking about it now. I have not heard of an account of the work at that time that translates the seeming importance of the Dance work to modern ears. Maybe documentation?The practioners of the past become philosophers of the present as they age, but the world has moved on and different issues are crucial

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