Tuesday, 26 December 2017

‘Carry on as normal’ is not the same as denial; with denial you pretend that the reality doesn’t exist as opposed to ‘carry on ...’ where you accept the reality but don’t give in to the anxiety it provokes, not letting that dictate your actions or limit your horizons.
With the Ataxia  I accept the diagnosis whereas I don’t worry about the prognosis; I cannot live my life now how I imagine it might be at some point in the future; so 76% of cases of SCA17 develop dementia, statistics inform me.  That means 24% don’t! Yes it makes me anxious and makes me wonder if every forgetful moment is the first sign but I dismiss that notion because I am learning (yes still learning!) not to let worry rule me and feel fine. 
Accept the diagnosis
Live your own prognosis

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