Monday, 1 May 2017

May 1 diary

Straight from my diary:
So yesterday I posted 'eek! I'm 58' on FB in angst at realising my age and loadsapeople thinking it was  birthday, wished me happy birthday. I enjoyed the palaver and positivity from friends- it kept my mood up for hours and even after I told people what had happened they still carried on - some, who had read the thread knowingly, but most genuinely thought it was my birthday.

So despite appreciating what was happening, I wonder what is going on here. Most rush through FB going like like like and only those with time on their hands  or the lonely or the super quick and sharp dwell for enough time to read and figure out what's going on. That is the reality of FB and most social media it is immediate, non literary or visual, it enables one to engage(or imagine engagement) with others while staying within one's own world  from the safety of their aloneness in front of the computer screen.

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