Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I want to make a performance  about the Behaviour of Experts, their behaviour, not their knowledge. Experts are often under very dubious attack by right wing politicos and populists- I am not part of this but want to understand why it happens. 

Maybe because often they have lived lives inside institutions most of their lives, away from everyday life. They are protected and cloistered by the institutions that foster them, who deal with the nuts and bolts of living while they get on with studying. There is often an antiquated whiff about them, something childish. People look at them and make quick judgements about them- 

‘What makes them so special? why them not me?’

Often what the expert recommend flies in the face of orthodoxy, contradicts politics, politicians need them but also don’t trust  them, for experts have no respect for political expediency. For an expert, their knowledge, their expertise is their power, their solid ground. To focus on one thing is to turn away from everything else. From the politician’s view they are not one of the so called ‘normal’ people politicians are meant to appeal to.

Yes, a performance lecture by someone who assumes they are an expert in expert behaviour

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