Sunday, 16 April 2017

What is this 'We'?

What is this 'WE''?
They all agree
Who are 'they'?
Piss artists?

If  mice do it in experiments it then it proves everyone does it always, everywhere. 
if one person sayit in one therapy session it proves we all think it really, doesn't it?
'We'? So that's...
All men?
All women?
All Europeans?
All Asians
Everyone under 30?
Normal people?
Everyone here?
Everyone everywhere?
I don't know, I'm no scientist, but it seems more scientific than woo woo to say most of this use of 'we' is bogus . Its a well used marketing tool of the popscience press. 
A way of 'proving' objectivity.
Isn't it ?
(we all agree)
Don't we?
Well it gets my goat
(OUR goat..n-n-no?)
maybe its like the rotal 'we' asin 'we disapprove' or 'we don't do we?"

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