Friday, 21 April 2017

Dream and Dwom

'I observe 2 states, both blissful, 
but one avoids truth, the other lives it,
One is delusional, a lie, the other is true: lets name them - Dream and Dwom. 

In dwom, there is no vision of the future, 
In dwom distraction from your present chaos enables you to say 'I'm fine' and you forget the chaos all around you. 
In dwom, you let someone else hypnotize you,you are in their dream 
Dwom is vacant
Dream is focussed
In dream you hold a vision of the future - your future and  your dream steers your way out of your present  chaos, 
Your dream is your own
Dream enables you to do the undone with desire 
without getting daunted, without give up.

Dwom is lying to your self
in dream there is no lie'

'Hmm' said Lucy

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