Thursday, 16 February 2017


 There seems to be two main camps of those  who are shocked by Tru-- those willing to name and resist, and those unwilling to name and wanting to get on with their lives. I have sympathy for both sides- the name and resist side gets involved in the nitty gritty of his dysfunctional rule and gets very disturbed,  the other side will not name and refuse to  get disturbed, they probably find him disturbing anyway but want to get on with their lives  don't want Trump to disturb their ability to function. They can't do anything about it anyway. Yes, but where do you draw the line? everytime I hear anything coming out of the White House  disturbs, disorientates, and distracts. I cannot ignore it, its thousands of  miles away, but I am affected, and  I am powerless to affect it. Or am I? I will not let him disrupt me, so I stop watching the news, but if I cover my face with my hands, the fingers slip apart and bits of news get seen. Can't avoid it, it seems so crucial and he is so extreme.
(The avoidance of naming him has led to some imaginative alternatives - Tatrazine Tarzan, lalalala ... too many to choose from. I suggested that someone starts compiling a list and an American friend just said 'whats the point?' The avoidance of naming him seems to imagine or guard against some mad authoritarian future where the security services may google Trump to find anyone who resists his er rule- Paranoid or knowing?

Do Trump backing team in WH- Bannon, Miller et al know what they are doing ? They know how to appeal to their supposed heartland-' The average hard working American'- but have they any idea how they look globally? maybe they think they can tame the media in the US, but the rest of the world?. They may convince their own supporters of their version of the truth, but they cannot control the world's media. 

Meanwhile China gleefully observes the US and democracy tear itself apart. 

And here in London  the crocuses are beginning to flower. Its true. No-one is more powerful than the flowering crocus. Do not deny the truth of the crocus. Well ... I could worry about the weird stuff happening across the water, but I will focus on the crocus. The greatest crocuses. Purple! yellow! white! There have never been such great crocuses folks!

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