Saturday, 11 February 2017



I have journeyed from being a captain of a big ship on a calm sea 
to being alone in an open  rowing boat in a storm. 
 But still navigating. Its just a different boat. 
 I used to scan the distant horizon.
Now I look  for the next big wave to deal with.
 I used to just bark orders
Now I wield the oars with my  hands
This salt encrusted T shirt has taken the place of my captain's uniform

And did you let that happen? Why?
I dunno it just happened


I wake up everyday 
hoping the world will be different but it's not,
Hoping I will be different but I am not
and that's my lot
and no amount of positive chat 
is going to change that


What once was solid now is veneer
What once was obvious is no longer clear
what once was far, now feels near, 
whats gone is gone 

So, let go
let's go dear,
No fear

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