Tuesday, 31 July 2018

On Sunday morning I went for walk and coffee and as I was walking through marylebone station there was a film shoot in progress- big crew, lots of big lights podiums and cameras probably about 20crew several actors and extras, trying to film a busy station scene- in a busy station. Why were there extras dressed up as ordinary people?
 why didn't someone just wander round the station with an unobtrusive hi definition camera and record what was happening?
 I sat at an empty table by the AMT coffee stall and watched. They did one take then the table I was sitting at filled up with extras, shepherded there by one of the crew. I imagined a line down the middle of the table with fact on one side and fiction on the other,  the extras on one side and me on the other ( maybe that’s disingenuous- by being aware of the narrow line between fact and fiction makes me fictional?) and was in this fiction that was trying to recreate fact. The line was moving I was no longer watching this scene , I was in shot. One of the extras tried to check out whether I was an 'official'  extra. I said no. he said 
"you should get paid for this- I'll point out the man you have to talk to . You're within your rights"

 I wondered whether to try but didn't want the argument and paper work to get afew pounds, even if it was an ad for SKY who have gazillions. I sloped off. Maybe I should have been more aggressive but bloody hell this was 8am on my Sunday morning.

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