Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Narcissism or Determination?

How to succeed as a smug psychologist: Make a diagnosis, say,  of a narcissist: ’grandiose vain and egotistical’ then make a seemingly profound scientific statement based on the same criteria: ‘research has shown that most narcissists are grandiose, vain and egotistical’
‘Ooh they are nasty and you are clevva! that explains things then …’

OR …

a narcissist shows dogged determination to jump back on the horse and try again even though the rational thought is ‘your really not very good, accept reality give up and join the rest of us (well, we the sensible ones who know whats what)’


’thats not narcissism that just determination, and a realistic, sober self-assessment of what one can do’


what is a successful psychologist? a narcissist

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