Thursday, 8 February 2018

Kinds of Knowing, Kinds of Doing

1. Does the amount the amount of data around, which enables experts and policy makers to see the big pictures hinder on-the -spot decision making? 
After reading reports on news websites of global views on food distribution child slavery and seed production, and then working on my own  rules for performance w'shops based on intuitive body knowledge, I am wondering how much constantly seeing a big picture means reliance on data, distance and an imagined ‘objectivity’ .Maybe things that happen on a smaller, more immediate level are missed.
Specifically body work, which  essentially is sensory small experiential and intuitive vs data, which essentially is big and head/brain/thought orientated. Out of date  debate, between head and body needs to be moved beyond so thought and direct bodily response are brought closer together. But, of Kahneman’s two kinds of thinking: system 1( intuitive, fast) & 2( rational, slow) thinking -  Which is prevalent now? Most seem to favour system 2 thinking.

2. I try to get the big picture of the multiple projects I have (stories film songs poems, etc) and in the end find myself getting daunted by the totality and can’t concentrate on any of them, yet if I get immersed in thinking about any one project I get excited at the possibilities and have ideas within it but lose the big picture.
There is loss of power to do with losing the over view- manager’s worry! maybe its just anxiety - getting absorbed in one project may take attention away from trying to maintain and control the overview but nothin gets completed unless you do. but maybe instead of thinking of anxiety as needles worry why not take its onset as the need for a decision - maybe if you are getting absorbed in one project and losing the overall picture, the appropriate action night be delegate responsibility to the one projectwhich frees you to  zoom out and take the overview

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