Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Story of the Wandering Goodie

Do you see that tallman?' she said, as a doctor approached a nearby patient on nearby bed,
' he' she said secretively, 'is a wandering goodie'
The phrase 'This hospital is full of wandering goodies' came into my head.
I laughed at the thought - it sounded like guardian angels or wandering souls. I imagined these nomadic spirits wandering around the world looking for a place to help people and congregating around  hospitals.

Later, wanting to write more but in a quandary because she had triggered the image,
I said to her 'can we make a collaboration?'
 I imagined a story around the idea of the Wandering Goody.
 She inspired it but I would write it.
'You don't have to ask me to collaborate ' she said as she lay weakly semiconscious on her hospital bed,
she had probably forgotten that she even said 'wandering goodie'

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