Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Imaginary performance 1

What if …
 Everyone developed a syndrome where everyone thought everyone else was mad so they  moved away from everone else,
 refused to acknowledge anyone and became increasingly isolated. 
They felt better than anyone around them. 
Everyone thought they were obviously right and everyone else was obviously wrong
There were no conversations in public places. 
No strangers met, no chance encounters. 
The world of people was increasingly predictable. 
Whenever anyone said anything or did anything they were thought weird and insensitive for disturbing the quiet status quo
Loud voices, big gestures were sure signs of madness. 
What if …
Into this world came a man with a wobbly walk, a stutter, and involuntary twitches, a man who talked to strangers
What if  …
They all wore hats and veils and dark glasses, except the outsider ...

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